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Odor Control

Trapped below the surface of your carpet lie bacteria and dirt, which over time manifest into unpleasant odors. The Carpet Cleaner will inspect and recommend a variety of deodorizing treatments that effectively penetrate deep into the fabric of your carpet for odor elimination.

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Thorough Carpet Deodorization Treatments

Whether that offensive odor is the result of a spill, pet accident, or water damage, the result is the same—you want the smell gone, and fast. Our complete deodorization treatments won't just cover up odors, they'll break down and eliminate their source for a fresh, long-lasting clean.

When it comes to carpet stains, you have to act quickly. The longer a stain is left unattended, the harder it is to remove. So, give us a call right away. We'll book an appointment with you at your earliest convenience. Our technicians provide superior odor control for all kinds of fabric surfaces, including:

  • Carpets
  • Area Rugs
  • Upholstery
  • ...and more!

Our team will identify the source of the odor, and then choose from one of our many premium cleaning solutions, the one that's best for the job. We'll target tough odors directly by using advanced cleaning tools and time-tested techniques that will seep into carpet material and dissolve harmful bacteria. By the time we're done, your carpet will be thoroughly sanitized of all contaminants. You might even think it's brand new!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Moving into a new office workspace? Make sure those carpets are professionally cleaned and odor-free before you start decorating. Our company is pleased to offer commercial carpet cleaning services at affordable rates. We'll disinfect your carpet so you can relocate your business and start afresh.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Residential carpets take a lot of daily abuse. Carpet stains and discoloration can happen in any number of ways. Thankfully, the answer is always the same—call The Carpet Cleaner! For residential cleaning jobs large and small, we will inspect and recommend a variety of deodorizing treatments that effectively penetrate deep into the fabric of your carpet for odor elimination.

Premium Odor Removal Products

Our company uses top-quality cleaning solutions to guarantee the best results. Over-the-counter products may mask smells for a time, but they won't remove them permanently. That's why our technicians have relentlessly tested all our products over many years. When we select a product to use, we're confident it's going to work. We use highly concentrated solutions that will eliminate smells but preserve the fabric of your carpet. We even offer eco-friendly cleaning services that are safe for the whole family and the planet too!

Contact The Carpet Cleaner: A Top-Rated Odor Removal Company

The Carpet Cleaner is your one-stop-shop for effective carpet deodorization. We'll eradicate obnoxious odors for good, and prolong the lifespan of your carpet while we're at it.

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